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For example, all of us have pictures of our own loved ones, living and deceased.I remember being shown pictures of my great grandparents and even three of my grandparents whom I never personally knew or saw because they had died before I was born.The competition culminates in a public reception, portfolio reviews, and a professional development seminar. Pictured: Celebrity skin 21 December A new exhibition at Palm Beach’s Holden Luntz Gallery – ‘All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players’ – collates a selection of vintage photographs of musicians and celebrities.Featuring photographers Terry O’Neill, Clive Arrowsmith, Harry Benson, Gered Mankowitz, Bert Stern, Roy Schatt, Arthur Elgort, and Norman Seeff, it presents photography as a form of mythology, capturing the power of images to create icons and legends.These loved ones whom I know through their pictures and stories are living realities for me. I am able to be mindful of the history that is a part of my life.How much more true this is when I look at the picture of my dear maternal Grandmother that I did know, but who has now gone home to our Lord.

Calvin in particular declared the honoring of the saints as the devil’s invention and the veneration of sacred images as idolatry; Calvin’s hostility overflowed into the Presbyterian, Dutch Reformed, Huguenot, Baptist, and Puritan traditions.

Precisely because of the incarnation of the Lord, St. 749) asserted, “Previously God, who has neither a body nor a face, absolutely could not be represented by an image.

But now that He has made Himself visible in the flesh and has lived with men, I can make an image of what I have seen of God…and contemplate the glory of the Lord, His face unveiled.” Since the earliest days of the Church we have evidence of depictions of our Lord, of scenes from Sacred Scripture, or of the saints; examples of such depictions can be found today in the catacombs.

The destruction of these icons or any other sacred image became known as iconoclasm and was condemned by the Holy Father in Rome.

Later in 787, the Second Council of Nicea, defending the use of sacred images, declared, “For, the more frequently one contemplates these pictorial representations, the more gladly will he be led to remember the original subject whom they represent, the more too will he be drawn to it and inclined to give it…a respectful veneration….

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